Casio LK 190 Review – Beginner keyboard

Last updated: Jan 15, 2021

The Casio LK 190 Review At A Glance#


Ease of Use

Very beginner friendly


Affordable at less than $150


Highly recommended!

We like:

*61 key light weighted key
*Key Lighting System
*50 Dance Music Mode
*Maximum Polyphony 48
*60 built-in Tunes
*Built-in speakers
*Lesson Functions like Lesson Lite, Scoring System, and Voice Fingering Guide

We don't like:

*No USB port for computer connection
*No Bluetooth connectivity
*No Chordana Play app integration

Summary of our Casio LK 190 review: Casio is the renowned name in the music industry as products offered by them come in different a variety which suits the need of different people. And LK-190 61 Key Portable Keyboard from Casio is another mark in their product line. This piano style keyboard comes with the key lighting system which makes it easy for you to play the keyboard. With 400 high-quality tones, 60 built-in tunes, 100 built-in rhythms, built-in 2W + 2W speakers, most importantly have digital effects makes it stand out in the crowd of keyboard market. It would be fun to play this LK-190 61-Keyboard to make your learning more enhance but with full of entertainment.

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An Overview of Casio LK-190 Features#

• Comes with standard jack pedal input with four variants sustain, sostenuto, soft, and rhythm, which allows you easy handling while playing.

• You can add more vocals with Mic input to your tunes.

• With the headphone, you can enjoy the music without any disturbance.

• Power supply through AC adapter; and you can also use it anywhere with AA-size x 6 batteries.

• 61 light-weighted Piano type keys with Key Lighting System which makes your learning experience easy & fun.

• Comes with 100 rhythms, 48 Note Polyphony, 60 built-in tunes, and 400 great-sounding tones.

• Dance Music Mode enables you to remix EDM and play the song of your choice.

Advantages of Casio LK-190#

1) 61 Piano Style Lighted Keys

Casio LK-190 is packed with 150 built-in rhythms and 400 high-quality tones with the all-new Mode of Dance Music. This Casio LK-190 61 light-weighted portable keyboard comes with one of the best features of Casio i.e. Step-Up lessons and Key Lighting System. So learning music will be fun, no matter either you are newcomer or an experienced, Casio LK-190 61 Key Portable Keyboard has something for all who believe in making the music to the perfect level with great sounding experience.

With its 48-note polyphony and digital effects, the Casio Lk-190 has a dance mode with which you can your different
musical phrases as DJs do. You can apply six different and unique sound effects with special keys while the dance-music mode is on with the help of build-up play mode.

With Casio LK-190 keyboard's Step up lesson mode, you can break the song into small phrases for better understanding. Once you understand each phrase, you can combine them later. When you face any problem while playing on a keyboard, it will sense the same and help you by calling out the fingers numbers in a human voice. The Casio LK-190 keyboard's key-lighting system illuminates the keys of the keyboard, every time when you pressing them while playing or during song-playback mode in its built-in function.

It's said that when you travel anywhere, music is your best friend who accompanies you, and this exactly what Casio
LK-190 61 Key Portable Keyboard does for you. As it comes with the battery power of AA-size x 6 feature, which enables you to play the music while on move and with AC adapter you get cozy within your room. It's very light-weight and compact, although rough but a product with reliability. Explore the diverse style of music with putting your own unique tag on that.

Dance on the Different Note

The Casio LK-190 61 Key Portable Keyboard allows you to create, mix or remix electronic music very easily and quickly, without much hassle. It is equipped with 150 built-in rhythms, 400 high-quality tones, 50 styles of EDM, and with different variations of bass line, synth parts, and drum beats using lower keys. To give more effects and to polish your tracks, you can add the gate, flanger, roll, filter, low-fi, etc. A built-in 2W + 2W speaker gives you the matchless music experience.


With a weight of just 7.9 lbs, a young kid can also handle and learn on this as moving it from one part to another is a very easy job. And when it comes with 6 AA batteries operate ability, the location is not a constraint for anybody.

Disadvantage of Casio LK-190#

No USB port for computer connection
No Bluetooth connectivity
No Chordana Play app integration

Should you buy the Casio LK-190?#

When a product bundled with many but different features comes at an affordable price, then why not. If you are into
the learning phase, then it can train for you the advanced systems by letting you learn the basic notes of music. Not only from learning but also from the affordability perspective, Casio LK-190 61 Key Portable Keyboard is the ideal choice and worth buying.

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