Top 5 acoustic guitars Under $100 - [Updated in January 2021]

Last updated: Jan 16, 2021

Guitars are made of different types of wood. Hence, the price can range from a hundred to thousand dollars. For a beginner, buying a guitar under $100 or under $300 is a good option.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars under <$100 for beginners

Drum Set What we like? Where to Buy?
Top 1: Rogue Starter (Acoustic guitar) The most affordable choice for beginnersSmall in size*Well designed for beginners
Top 2: Jasmine S35 (Acoustic Guitar), Natural Strong and very reliableIt is affordable*Simple to operate
Top 3: Arcadia DL41NA (Acoustic Guitar) The sound is of high qualityGood product for fingerpicking*Has a strong volume
Top 4: Yamaha GL-1 TBS (Guitalele) Entertaining to play and very comfortable to holdSmall in size*It is travel-friendly
Top 5: Jasmine S34C (NEX Acoustic Guitar) Budget-friendlyComfortable and good action when playing*Strong and very reliable.

Read on for our detailed reviews of the top 5 best Guitars for Beginners!

1. Rogue Starter (Acoustic guitar)

The Rogue Starter is designed for starters. It is very affordable for everyone. The guitar is comfortable and relatively cheaper than most guitars on the market. It sounds lovely when you are playing in moderate or low volume levels. However, it has no high-action. This may cause discomfort with prolonged playing. But it is a good choice for students, private performance or playing at home.


1. The most affordable choice for beginners 2. Small in size 3. Well designed for beginners


1. Need regular retuning 2. Low quality 3. The sound is low quality

2. Jasmine S35 (Acoustic Guitar), Natural

Jasmine S35 guitar is a good product for beginners. Most buyers love the guitar because it is well designed and simple for anyone. It has 6 strings making it simple and enjoyable to play. The guitar is made for right-handed people.


1. Strong and very reliable 2. It is affordable 3. Simple to operate


  1. The strings are of low quality.

3. Arcadia DL41NA (Acoustic Guitar)

This is an amazing guitar to play. It is a strong guitar that is well designed for beginners. One main feature of Arcadia DL41NA is that it does not require retuning like other cheap guitars. But, there are some discomforts with the height of the frets. However, it is a good product that can offer amazing performance.


1. The sound is of high quality
2. Good product for fingerpicking
3. Has a strong volume


1. Fret heights might get uncomfortable
2. High action

4. Yamaha GL-1 TBS (Guitalele)

This guitar ranges from 90 to 100 dollars. It is among the most affordable guitars you will find on the market. It is comfy to hold and entertaining to play. In addition, it does not have issues with the volume. The main problem with this guitar is the sliding pegs. But generally, it is a good pick for beginners.


1. Entertaining to play and very comfortable to hold
2. Small in size
3. It is travel-friendly


1. Has sliding pegs
2. Need regular retuning

5. Jasmine S34C (NEX Acoustic Guitar)

Another outstanding guitar for beginners is Jasmine S34C. It is affordable, well designed, and available in many stores. This guitar has a slim neck, it is very stylish and the length is perfect. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitar player, Jasmine S34C is a likable device.


1. Budget-friendly 2. Comfortable and good action when playing 3. Strong and very reliable.


1. Need frequent retuning

Guitar-Buying Guide for Beginners/Starters

First, you need to decide whether you need an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. If you love country or folk music, the best type to pick is an acoustic guitar. But if you are leaning more on rock music, an electric guitar would be the best choice.

For a beginner, an acoustic guitar is the best choice. Below are some of the things you need to look for when buying a guitar.

  1. The budget – the first thing to consider is your budget. Happily, there are many guitars under $100, $200, $300 or more. However, ensure you pick a high-quality guitar.

  2. The size – guitars are available in different shapes and sizes. Choose a good size that suits you.

  3. The brands – another important thing to consider is the brand. Keep in mind that a popular brand has a good reputation.

  4. Type of wood – the design of the guitar depends on the type of wood used. Besides, the type of wood used can affect the quality of the sound.

  5. Durability– a guitar is made of wood among other accessories. Therefore, ensure you pick a guitar that is durable by checking all the accessories.

  6. The tuners – another significant factor to consider when buying a guitar is the quality of the tuners. Remember you will need to tune your guitar regularly.

  7. The strings – check the quality of the strings. You need high-quality strings to avoid changing them often.