Alesis Recital 88 Key Review: The Ultimate Digital Piano for Beginners in 2020

Alesis Recital 88 Key Review: The Ultimate Digital Piano for Beginners in 2019

If you are a beginner and looking for an acoustic piano, the Alesis Recital 88 Key is a great option for you. This digital piano will offer you a more natural sound while getting portability.



What We Like:

  • Portability
  • Realistic Sound
  • Simple, Sleek Design
  • Price Point
  • Partially-weighted


We Don’t Like:

  • Not fully-weighted
  • Headphone jack of 1/4”
  • Limited variety of tones


A Short Introduction

For new musicians, Alesis Recital 88 Key is a budget-friendly and great option. It only weighs under 16lbs and offers 20 watts of power. This portable, full-size, and lightweight digital piano is perfect for college students or gigging musicians.

Alesis Recital 88 Key also come with an RCA-output which you can connect to an amplifier in case you are into larger gig. This digital piano allows you to effortlessly combine voices for a rich, full sound. Besides, you can also try splitting the voices.


An Overview of Alesis Recital 88 Features

  • 5 crafted voices such as Bass, Synth, Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano, and Organ
  • Universal responsive feel 88
  • Adjustable touch response
  • Connectivity covered build in 20 watts speaker
  • 1/4’ sustain pedal input
  • 1/4’ stereo headphone output
  • Stereo RCA-output
  • Powered by 6D cell batteries
  • Powerful educational features


Advantages of Alesis Recital 88 Key


  1. Portability

You can bring this digital piano during your gigs with ease. Besides, kids can also enjoy playing this piano anywhere they want.


  1. Realistic Sound

This digital piano will not only sound like a digital piano because it comes with 5 voices. These voices are high quality while you can combine them to create different sounds.


  1. Simple, Sleek Design

Alesis Recital 88 Key is perfect for you if you not only focusing on the quality and performance, but also to the design. This digital piano for beginners offers simple yet elegant design, you can be more confident playing it.


  1. Partially-Weighted

Since it is partially-weighted, you have no issue every time you need to bring it to your gigs while ensuring that there is comfortable hands feedback.


Disadvantages of Alesis Recital 88 Key

  1. 1/4’ Headphone Jack

With this headphone jack, you need to use an adaptor just to play. Not only that, you also need to practice quietly, especially if you are practicing loud songs.


  1. Limited Variety of Tones

If you prefer an instrument that can make beats, sound of choirs, program a number of cool effects, and more, this digital piano is not for you.


  1. Not Fully-Weighted

If you are a professional or advanced player and you want a digital version of the acoustic grand piano, this one may not match your requirements.


Should You Buy the Alesis Recital 88 Key?

It’s a big YES if you are a new musician and want to start with budget-friendly, portable digital piano. Alesis Recital 88 Key is quality keyboard that will help you discover more about your music while staying on your budget. It comes with basic features including a variety of voices and metronome, so you found no problem during your practices and gigs.


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