Our Yamaha YPT 255 Review: One Of The Best Beginner Keyboard Piano For Adults and Kids in 2023

Last updated: Feb 27, 2023

The Yamaha YPT 255 Review At A Glance#


Ease of Use

Beginner friendly


Affordable at less than $150



We like:

*The full sized keys

*Hundreds of built-in songs, accompaniments and styles

*AUX line input

*Auto power off function

*Yamaha Education Suite

*Weighs only 9 pounds

We don't like:

*Non-weighted keys

*No USB port

*No MIDI support

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A Short Introduction#

The Yamaha YPT-255 is a wonderful starter keyboard that is full of great sounds and multiple features, perfect for aspiring musicians who are just beginning their musical journey! It is one of the best electronic keyboards for beginners and you can read up on Yamaha YPT-255 reviews (you can rea d these further down the page) which testifies to its reliability and ease of use.

You can easily make use of the on-board lesson feature, the popular Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.), in order to practice and master the 102 built-in songs, or you can take advantage of the 385 auto-accompaniment and 100 different styles for entertainment, experiment, and creation of your own music. It also has an AUX-line input for your MP3 player so you can play along or just listen for familiarity.

Additionally, it features 61 full-sized keys so it gives the feeling of playing in a real piano and together with the fingering lessons shown on the LCD, learning is just one key away! This portable keyboard piano even includes a power-saving mode, and a convenient grand piano button if you want to quickly change the keyboard voice to this particular instrument.

An Overview of Yamaha YPT-255 Features#

Click here if you would like to read the complete Technical Specifications of the Yamaha YPT-255

Keyboard Number of keys: 61
Display LCD
Tone Generating Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
Polyphony 32 Maximum
Preset Number of Voices: 372 Voices + 13 drum/SFX kits
Types Reverb: 9 typesChorus: Yes​Master EQ: YesUltra-Wide Stereo: Yes​
Functions Panel Sustain: Yes
Accompaniment Styles Number of Preset Styles: 100Fingering: Multi​Style Control: ACMP ON/OFF, SYNC START, START/STOP, INTRO/ENDING/rit., MAIN/AUTO FILL
Other Features: One Touch Setting (OTS): Yes
Preset Number of Preset Songs: 102
Recording Number of Songs: 1Number of Tracks: 1Data Capacity Approx. 300 notes
Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) [1 LISTEN & LEARN], [2 TIMING], [3 WAITING], [A-B REPEAT], [CHORD DICTIONARY]
Overall Controls Metronome: Yes Tempo Range: 11 - 280 Transpose: -12 to 0, 0 to +12 Tuning: 427.0 - 440.0 - 453.0 Hz (approx.0.2Hz increments)Duo: Yes
Miscellaneous PIANO Button: Yes
Connectivity DC IN: 12V Headphones: [PHONES/OUTPUT] x 1 Sustain Pedal: [SUSTAIN] x 1 AUX In: Yes
Amplifiers 2.5W + 2.5W
Speakers 12cm x 2
Power Supply Users within U.S or Europe: PA-130 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha Others: PA-3C, PA-130 or an equivalent. Six "AA" size alkaline (LR6), manganese (R6) or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Power Consumption 6W (When using PA-130 power adaptor)
Auto Power Off Function Yes
Included Accessories Music Rest: Yes
Dimensions Width: 940mm (37-3/8'')Height: 106mm(4-1/4'')Depth: 317mm (12-1/2")
Weight 4.0kg (8.8lbs) not including batteries

S ource: Yamaha.com

Advantages of Yamaha YPT-255#

Check this YouTube video highlighting the features of the YPT 255:

1) 385 high-quality voices

The Yamaha YPT-255 comes with a diverse offering of 385 different voices, including pianos, flutes, and guitars. The grand piano voices in particular utilize stereo-sampled sounds with a superb feeling of presence.

You can now enjoy reverb effects for the feeling of playing in a concert hall, and choruses that add extra breadth and resonance to the sound!

2) 100 Styles and 102 preset Songs

This keyboard is considered as one of the best keyboards for beginners due to its variety of functions and features. With the real-time backing band tracks, you can play like a pro and never get bored at learning since the 100 auto-accompaniment styles provide a seemingly virtual live band based on the chords you play.

The 102 built-in songs, on the other hand, could be played for your entertainment and helps you in familiarizing the rhythms of certain songs, or in order to become quickly proficient, you can use the songs for your practice with the help of Yamaha Education Suite!

3) Nine-step lesson function (Yamaha Education Suite)

Yamaha YPT-255 did not become part of the T op 10 Best 61-key Music Keyboards for Beginners if not for its multiple functions and great features that are meant to help those at the beginner level or intermediate level.

The lesson function offers a total of nine stages—three for the left hand, three for the right, and three for both hands, helping a beginner like you to practice the songs stored in the instrument.

There's a scoring function that makes it fun to practice and improve, and a 'Waiting' function that adjusts the tempo to the person playing, pausing the accompaniment until the correct note is played so you can learn at your own pace and without any pressure!

4) AUX Input Jack

You can now connect your audio player, MP3 player, or any music devices to the Yamaha YPT-255 keyboard and listen to, or play along with your favorite music through the instrument's speakers. You can even use the keyboard piano itself as the loud speaker of your connected device for a more fun learning and playing experience!

5) Master EQ

The Yamaha YPT-255 portable piano keyboard is equipped with a preset Master EQ that allows you to adjust the nuances of the keyboard piano sound with settings such as Bright and Boost, making it easier to get exactly the sound you like.

It helps when you are just beginning to learn since you might want an easier sound to practice to at first and one that is good for training your ear to music.

6) The incredibly useful accessories (sold extra on Amazon)

For a little over a hundred dollars, you can already purchase the Yamaha YPT-255 portable keyboard piano. However, you may find it costly since it does not have the necessary accessories to make this a memorable musical experience.

So, you may want to spend an additional amount for a good pair of headphones and a keyboard stand.

The X-Style keyboard piano stand is a classic and provides great learning experience while you use your Yamaha YPT-255 portable piano keyboard. It has a noticeable upgraded bolt-on design feature and adds to its overall stability. Moreover, it features a classic bullet-nose pull knob, stronger 1 inch square tubing and non-marking rubber end caps.

Lastly, you might want to make sure an AC adapter is included in your purchase so you don't have to buy batteries over and again.

Disadvantages of Yamaha YPT-255#

1) Non-weighted keys

Some considers this as definitely problematic since they think it lessens the whole piano experience, without the bounce back and resistance of the keys.

But if you are truly a beginner and without any prior knowledge to piano playing, this could prove advantageous, as it is a little hard to control the resistance if you are just starting out.

2) No USB or MIDI support

This may not be important to total beginners but these features are really quite useful as it allows you to expand your creativity and makes learning fun with all the different options you can choose.

A Few Yamaha YPT-255 User Reviews#

We have summarized below what other buyers of this beginner keyboard have to say about it:

A beginner piano player said he found it perfect and knows it will help him learn how to play the piano faster. He found the tones to be very good and the instructions were very easy to understand. He thought the headphone plug was a big plus but that the port should have been at the front instead of at the back so it's easier for shorter audio cables to reach and connect. He found the price to be great for all the quality hardware and features it included. A grandmother bought this keyboard for her young granddaughter who is starting her piano lessons soon. She thought it was only the young girl who was going to play but it turned out to be a huge hit with the family, even her youngest grandson loved it!

A woman bought the keyboard for her son who is a bit on the shy side, he doesn't want anyone to hear him play. But he does play it all the time in his room!

A gentleman loved that he can plug in his MP3 player or smart phone to his keyboard just by using the AUX IN line at the back and he can then play along to any song he likes from his digital music library!

Another gentleman was happy with his purchase because it worked perfectly straight out of the box. He found the instrument voices to be very realistic, especially the piano range. He also found the keys to be sensitive and very responsive to each press.

Frequently Asked Questions#

  1. Does this keyboard have weighted and full size keys?

No, this does not have weighted keys but they are indeed full sized just like a regular piano.

  1. If I use a pair of headphones, will it silence the keyboard?

​Yes, it will in fact silence the speaker output and you will only hear music through the headphones. This is perfect if you live in shared accommodation such as a dormitory or apartment as you will not be disturbing your roommate and you can play in peace.

  1. Is there an included music sheet stand or holder?​

There is no free music book but it does come with a free music sheet stand or holder.

  1. Can I connect this keyboard to my computer and use Synthesia or a similar software?

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not come with an included USB and midi port.

  1. Can I use a foot pedal with this keyboard?

​Yes, the keyboard includes a port for a sustain pedal so if you have one you can just connect it to your YPT-255.

Should you buy the Yamaha YPT-255?#

Yes! Yamaha has proven through the years that its products are of the highest quality and are sturdy enough to assure you of its long-lasting durability even if you play the keyboard piano every day. The Yamaha YPT-255 is worth every dollar you will pay as it gives you more than what you pay for!

We hope you enjoyed reading our Yamaha YPT 255 review. If you would like to buy the keyboard, please click on the red button below.​

Looking for the Yamaha YPT 255 manual?#

Download it here.

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