Unbiased Review of Piano Lessons For Adult Beginners

Last updated: Feb 27, 2023

Everyone who's offering piano lessons will claim they offer the 'best adult piano lessons' ever. But, we know for a fact that that's bull, right?

There may be many excellent programs, but which one actually delivers on its promises?

Are you thinking it's the most expensive program out there (because you've heard it said that quality comes at a price)? Or the one with the most number of students?

Maybe, maybe not. It all really depends on a lot of factors. You should know that sometimes there's gold hidden underneath all the rubbish.

And this is what we have uncovered and will be sharing with you today. [toc]

The Top 3 Adult Piano Lessons Programs#

We are going to share three of the best and most effective adult piano lessons programs we've discovered and we are going to discuss them here.

The first one is Piano For All, the second one is Learn Piano in 30 Days, and the last, but not the least, is Piano Play It.

I) Piano For All#

Piano For All is a program that will ultimately help you learn the piano even if you know nothing about the instrument in the first place.

This program has great features that will guide you through and through until you reach the point where you won't need it anymore.

At first, it teaches you the basics like proper fingering, chords, scaling, and if you are already equipped with those, you can go on to learn different genres, such as Jazz, Ballad, Rock, Classical, and many more.

Plus there are over 200 video lessons and 500 audio breaks embedded in ebooks.

Pros and Cons of "Piano For All"

Pros Cons
Include ebooks embedded with video and audio lessons. It is only one program so it might cause your device to run slower than usual.
The program covers all genres with no specifications. This might cause students to lose focus on practicing one genre at a time.

With this information, we can actually say that this is an excellent program since the only disadvantage it has will not affect the entirety of the learning process.

It is complete with music sheets, video and audio lessons, and a ladder of lessons– from basic to advanced - and it costs less than $50 with a money back guarantee.

II) Learn Piano in 30 Days#

The name says it all – yes, by getting the program, you would most definitely be a master of the basics of piano in 30 days.

The program contains thousands of music sheets, hours of video and audio lessons, and you'll have the chance to learn how to play your favorite pop songs through step by step learning!

The program is for everyone; it is also for those who know little to nothing about playing the piano.

Being a member of this wonderful program also gives you access to a forum where you can discuss lessons, share tips and tricks, and even ask the site administrators for song requests.

Pros and Cons of "Learn Piano in 30 Days"

Pros Cons
Customers can enjoy direct lessons on how to play their favorite songs. They might lack certain foundation in learning the piano since they will be exposed to learning how a certain song is played.
It is a browser-run program and it does not need new applications People who likes to multitask while learning might be obliged to open different windows and might cause the device to run slower than usual.
There is a piano forum that is treated as a community. You can also ask for support from a lot of piano teachers online.

Although you will have the chance to learn how to play your favorite songs on the piano, you might lack the proper foundation. You will not have a chance to practice fingering, different scales of chords, and other things. Despite that, you will learn how to play songs through chords easily and fast.

III) Piano Play It#

In order to become an expert, you will need the guidance of an expert as well.

David Yzhaki, a master pianist, will be teaching you tips and tricks he learned to maximize your learning.

The program has expert instructions to aid you in learning in the easiest and fastest way possible.

By being a member, you will gain access to the website anytime, anywhere and WITHOUT LIMITATIONS.

You'll also be undergoing expert video lessons, be able to download PDF files to help you understand lessons more, and you will always be able to learn more new lessons because the library updates are regular.

Pros and Cons of "Piano Play It"

Pros Cons
You have unlimited access, the ability to download PDF files, and talk to a community to address concerns and inquiries. You won't be able to access all of these if your internet connection is acting up.
It has a money back guarantee of 60 days. The program is quite pricey. Paying over a $100 is not such a practical thing. But if you have the budget, it is actually a very good overall program designed to aid you with your learning.

The program is browser-run, so you won't be able to study and practice if you are having connection problems.

Download PDF files so that you will have a hold of the lessons even if you are experiencing problems with your connection.

It is also good to practice reading notes by going over those PDF files because they contain guides that will ultimately help you improve reading music.

Common Key Features of All 3 Programs#

All the programs are effective, but they have different styles. They have things in common though and these things aid you best in learning how to play the piano.

Common Features Benefits
Video and audio lessons Hours of video lessons to help you learn better and faster!
The program works on any device No specific requirements; can be played on all kinds of devices.
Covers a lot of genres From Classical music, to Rock, and even Pop music.
Music Sheets All three programs offer music sheets to help you fully understand what you are learning.
Step by step lessons The video lessons are not direct dives into more advanced techniques. They feature step by step procedures in order for students to learn more efficiently.
Money back guarantee! All programs offer a money back guarantee to customers who feel like they aren't learning what the programs have promised.

Here are further details on each of these common features:

a) Video and audio lessons

All three programs share this feature simply because watching lessons allows you to copy what the teacher is doing and to incorporate and immediately apply what you have learnt.

It is useful because visual learning is one of the most effective, fastest, and easiest ways of learning and this has been proven countless of times by other video courses.

All three programs contain hours of video to help you with notes, chords, scales, and all other key pointers in learning how to play the piano.

b) Program flexibility

One of the things you will love about all three courses is that they are not picky when it comes to the device you are using. Piano For All works on any device, both Learn Piano in 30 Days and Piano Play It just require your device to have a properly running browser, and you are all set to practice!

c) Genre specific lessons

If you think that learning the piano is all about basics like how to play the notes properly, proper chords, scaling, and all the other basic stuff, then you would be wrong.

All programs offer genre specific lessons that range from the most classical of all to Jazz, Rock, R&B, and even pop music.

d) Step by step lessons

The program's features will ultimately guide you slowly, but surely, every step of the way. From drills, proper fingering of keys, to playing Bach or Mozart, all three programs really want their customers to feel the satisfaction of learning the instrument easily and effectively.

e) Music sheets

Of course, videos are great, effective and can help you learn in the fastest and easiest way possible, but music sheets solidify the foundation you got from learning through video and audio lessons.

Music sheets are there for you to help you fully understand what the lessons were all about. They are also there for practice.

Say you are done with the videos and you want to practice, it will be tiresome and redundant if you just replayed the videos, right?

But if you have a music sheet, you will learn how to read music and review what you have learned at the same time.

f) Money back guarantee

These programs are actually sure that they offer the best and the most efficient ways of learning the piano because they all offer a money back guarantee.

It is also clear that it is not their sole intention to earn money, but to spread their knowledge in terms of playing the piano, piano comprehension, and many other things pertaining to the instrument itself.

If you do not like the service or you do not achieve the promises, you can get your money back depending on the number of days that has passed since you signed up for a program.

Some other benefits of these 3 programs#

These programs are made to be very effective for both new learners and slightly experienced piano players. All three have success testimonials that clearly conclude that the programs are highly effective, easy to deal with, and life changing.

To conclude, what is the best program for beginners and adult piano lessons?#

We have reviewed these 3 programs and we know about their features; we know what makes them similar and what makes them different.

While all programs have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, we believe P iano For All is the best since it does not require you to have an internet connection thus you can freely learn even when you are offline.

It is quite convenient that both Learn Piano in 30 Days and Piano Play It have online forums, however, these would not be accessible if you had issues with your internet service.

Another reason is because the whole package of Piano For All costs just $39. It is so much more affordable than Piano Play It's $120.

Piano For All is definitely the best package since you will be learning to play the piano from the very basics to the more advanced levels. Here is one of their promotional images:

People most often think of the price and forget about the quality.

For just $39, you will have nine (9) ebooks with over 200 videos and 500 audio lessons embedded in it; for only $39, you will have the chance to learn lessons that most people would learn in their entire lifetime.

Imagine getting a program for less than $100 and becoming an expert on the grandest instrument of all.

We have laid out the pros and cons of each program, with Piano For All coming on top as the winner. But ultimately, the choice will be yours.

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