A review of Learn Piano in 30 days

Last updated: Feb 26, 2023

As ridiculous as it may sound, this program's name (yes, it's actually named Learn Piano in 30 Days) stands up to it and you can very well start your first piano lesson with this program.

Although some people are skeptical about it, a lot of users are already more than satisfied with what they are capable of after just a few weeks on the program.

Learn Piano in 30 Days is a program made for those who have little to NO experience at all.

The program contains thousands of audio files, music sheets, and exercises to help you on your way to becoming the pianist you want to be.

There are a lot of features in this program and pop music lessons are just one of them.

"Learn Piano in 30 Days" Program Features#

The program includes a few too many features which you can meddle with in order to yield the best results possible. There are also piano tools and resources which you can use in order to fully take your piano-playing to the next level.

Program Feature Benefit
Piano Software, Tools, and Resources With this feature, users can do things like editing tracks and music tools. It also has quizzes and games, flashcards, and many more!
Specific training genre The program allows its students to learn specific genres that range from Classical to Rock. It also has Gospel music lessons in it.
Step by Step Song Lessons Lessons from famous artists and bands are the way to get to it. Step by step lessons and guides of the top hits from before up until today.
Piano Forum The place where all the users get together to share stories, experiences, lessons, and anything related to piano playing.

What you will love about "Learn Piano in 30 Days"#

As outlined in the table above, there are many things to love about this program. We further discuss these below:

  1. – it is actually one of the best features since you will be able to tweak your digital sounds and make it a reality by yourself.
  2. – a good refresher and timekeeper of what you have learned for the day. A big tool that can help you with what's important to learn.
  3. – who wouldn't love to master a piece or two of Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, and many more piano masters?
  4. – loving the sound of modern hip-hop and R&B on the piano? Wait no more because Learn Piano in 30 Days will give you music sheets to the songs that are most requested and wanted by the learners.

You can easily differentiate this program from the others because of what it offers; a forum where you can communicate with other students, thousands of music sheets and audio files that vary from the old classic to the new millennium and, of course, the different tools, software, and resources.

What's not to love about "Play Piano in 30 Days"?#

Despite it being an all-around program, it does have its cons as well.

Because of what it offers, users would probably be shocked and confused on what they should do in their lessons.

Although there also are disadvantages to this program, it should not be a problem since learning lessons is a way for you to learn what other important things are there as well. You will find out about melody, different piano chords, how to properly place your fingers, to how you play notes, and so on.

Is "Learn Piano in 30 Days" the perfect program for your first piano lesson?#

Yes, it certainly is one of the best programs you should consider for your first piano lesson.

The program is an easy-to-comprehend program that can ultimately help people who want to learn more about playing the piano.

The 30-day video series will be a big help to those who know little to nothing about playing the piano.

A lot of people want to learn the piano because it is the grandest instrument of all and is said to be the most difficult to master; once you learn how to play the piano, all the other instruments are a piece of cake.

Learn Piano in 30 Days is a must have for those yearning to play specific and modern music through chords and rhythm. Just do not forget to incorporate other important things as well and you can learn how to play keyboard before you even know it!