Easy Piano Tutorial With “Piano Play It”: Is It The Best Way To Teach Yourself Piano in 2018?

Easy Piano Tutorial With “Piano Play It”: Is It The Best Way To Teach Yourself Piano in 2018?

If you are an absolute beginner and would like an easy piano tutorial, then you will benefit from being a member of "Piano Play It".  

By being a member of "Piano Play It", you will experience virtual one on one sessions with the piano expert tutor, David Yzhaki.

The program is flexible; it can be read in almost every type of device, operating system, even your TV! The video lessons will greatly help you improve your piano playing.

Because of the expert instruction, video lessons, PDF files, and many more, it is also a great program for beginners.

"Piano Play It" Program Features

Of course, the membership program also has its key features; features from which students and self-learners like you would greatly benefit from and which will pave the road for your improvement in playing the piano. 

By being a member, you will get:

Program Feature


Unlimited Access

Access the lessons anytime, anywhere, without limitations!

High Quality Videos

Indulge yourself in high quality videos that are more than effective in your learning.

Downloadable PDF Files

Want to have a certain lesson saved on your device? Download the PDF files!

Library Updates

Library updates are regular for students to learn what the masters are learning.

Expert instruction

Learn from one of the best and most popular instructors.

Personal Support

If you need motivation, or you just want to share your progress, their program support is top notch.

What you will love about "Piano Play It"

The key features are what's responsible for bringing out the best. Learning piano has never been so fun and simple. Here are the features you would most definitely love about being a member of Piano Play It.

  • Unlimited access. Being a member does not only give you free lessons, videos, and audios for a short span of time – you can access it at any time you like. Aside from this, you can also open the site and run the program on any device you want.
  • High Quality Videos. Some piano lesson videos are quite blurry and distorted and this makes learning more difficult because you cannot clearly see the notes and chords being played. By being a member of Piano Play It, you get to view high quality videos that are suitable for fast and efficient learning.
  • Downloadable PDF Files. Say you are on the go, but you like to review the lessons you practiced earlier. You can download the PDF files from the site to your device. Having the chance to download PDF files makes you susceptible to absorbing lessons better and faster.
  • Library Updates. Since many master pianists constantly learn different new things, they will share those with you by updating the course library. This ensures your development; it makes you better and better in time.
  • Active Support. If you have inquiries, concerns, or any trouble with the lessons, the team will always be there to support you, guide you, and nurture you on your journey to become a piano expert. They will give feedback, answer questions, and will even provide tips and tricks if they receive your message accordingly.
  • Step by Step Learning. With instructional and effective high quality videos, all you have to do is watch what is being taught and play it on your side. This method is effective since you will be doing what the master is doing. This way, you can be assured that all the important things will be covered and you will have no questions unanswered.

What's not to love about "Piano Play It"?

Piano Play It is an absolute gift if you are a newbie who wants to play the piano in the fastest and the easiest way possible, but it also has its downsides.

  • Quite expensive. Getting a piano program that costs around $100 is quite pricey. Although it has a 60-day money back guarantee, it is still quite expensive to let go of a hundred dollars for a piano program. Of course, the membership is your key to the gates of piano-playing success and that comes with a price.
  • Poor Internet connection will affect your access to the program. You won’t be able to watch videos and download PDF files if your internet connection is acting up. Unlike other programs which are not browser-type, you can’t continue with the lessons and guides if you are not connected to the internet, so make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection in order for you to fully maximize your learning.

Although there are cons in getting the membership, you can be assured that once you become a member, learning how to play the piano would come easier and better for you since you will be guided and taught by a MASTER pianist in the best and most effective ways possible.

Can you actually learn to play the keyboard with Piano Play It's easy piano tutorial?

The answer to the question is a big yes.

There are hundreds of members now who are more than satisfied with the service.​

Ranging from 12 year olds to senior citizens, members truly get what they deserve and they continue to get updates even if they are done with the courses.

The goal of Piano Play It is not only to help those who want to learn how to play the piano, but also to make them realize that there are better and more efficient ways to learn the instrument.

The piano is the grandest instrument of all; it is like the Adam and Eve of humankind. Learning it first makes you familiar with sounds, chords, and notes, allowing you to learn other instruments easier, faster, and better.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join the community and start your journey of becoming a piano expert!

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