Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Yamaha Keyboards

Yamaha makes many keyboards from the best quality and with the highest support, targeting from beginners who want to get into the world of learning piano, to master musicians able to perform on grand pianos.

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Portable Keyboards

Standard keyboards perfect with light-weight design to take them to different places.


A portable keyboard designed for new musicians wanting to learn. It comes with a Yamaha Education Suite feature to easily learn 100 preset songs or creating music from the 385 instrument Voices and 100 Styles included. Read complete review of YPT-255


A great Yamaha portable keyboard for those feeling ready to take the next step and improve their keyboard skills. The Yamaha PSR-EW series combine affordability with professional features to start making piano music like the best. It has a portable and light-weight design, and a library of more than 700 instrument voices.



The Piaggero NP series seek to combine sophistication and simplicity, a compact instrument provided with the pure tone of fine grand pianos. The NP-32/12 model it is Ideal to play piano and enjoy your music.

Read complete review of NP-32



The Sonogenic SHS-500 is also known as a “Keytar”. It is a new instrument developed by Yamaha combining a keyboard with a guitar, and it’s designed for music lovers with no knowledge yet, but want to start making their own pieces. The SHS-500 allows freedom to jump and dance while you play.

Celesta and Keyboard Glockenspiel


A professional Yamaha piano of the best quality equipped with a soft pedal aligned slightly right of center. An innovative single-layer grand piano able to deliver vibrant tones from start to finish thanks to its special plates and unique resonator.


Very similar to the CEL-56 model, a top-quality piano from Yamaha equipped with deer horn hammers. A single-layer grand piano with astounding control, expression, and delicate response.

Stage Pianos

A series of light but compact instruments to be used both on stage and in the studio.


One of the best keyboards among all manufacturers as it covers all aspects desired for musicians. It is a strong keyboard good for long trips without being too heavy at all. Its controls are easy and intuitive, even beginners can operate it. It provides a high-level sound and a large set of functions at the same time.

CP-40 Stage

The CP-40 Stage is known for its range of high-end piano sounds. Besides, it comes with the widely used collection of voices from Yamaha Motif, consisting of electric piano voices with VCM effects.


A very versatile keyboard for both beginners and professionals. It comes with many interactive features to easily learn and play different tunes. Includes a piano room feature excellent at creating unique environments with its list of piano voices and settings.

Stands out for being great for singers, as it allows to connect a microphone directly into the keyboard and add digital effects to your voice while performing. Although, it sound slightly inferior to the stage keyboards previous mentioned.

Digital and Arranger Workstations

These are a series of high-quality instruments designed to exploit all your creativity with a myriad of real musical instrument tools.

Genos V2.0

An improved version of an already excellent keyboard. Genos version 2.0 features a new Chord Looper and Style Section Reset. Besides, Yamaha increased its memory from the previous 1.8 GB version to 3.0 GB,

Genos V2.0 introduces amazing new musical content with the Superior Pack, offering more than 50 brand new styles and voices. This Yamaha keyboard is the favorite of musicians and stage performers all around the world.


The PSR-A3000 includes a variety of more than 1.000 of Voices and hundreds of Styles. It comes with a refined and powerful sound and features several live performance functions to provide you large versatility. An amazing keyboard reviewed greatly across the world.


It provides a large set of features to make the best live performances, allowing you to control everything related to voices, styles, effects and more with its featured two assignable foot pedal inputs, and two live controllers. Call-up all the live control settings instantly from the memory.


Yamaha is a brand to trust when it comes to buying a keyboard, whether you are beginning to learn, or need a more advanced instrument for your career, the ones listed above are great options for every specific need. Nevertheless, feel free to research in-depth any of the Yamaha keyboards if one caught your attention, so you can see their large set of features.

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