17 Piano Practice Tips for Adults – A Must Read Guide

Last updated: Dec 27, 2020

In our previous posts, we've given plenty of advice for beginners without really being specific on the age group as those actionable tips will work regardless of your age. But in this post, we focus on several piano practice tips for adults.

Whether you just started in your piano practice or are trying to relearn from your youth, these tips are sure to be beneficial to improving your piano skills.

1) Find the interest#

2) Try to set aside an hour each day to see the most improvement.#

3) A good warm up is crucial to making improvement.​#

4) Learn the theory#

5) Finger placement#

6) Flexing the fingers#

7) Practice chords#

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8) Keep your rhythm in mind#

9) Practicing pieces or songs#

10) Limit practice time#

11) Take it slowly and gradually#

​12) Can't handle music theory?#

13) Can you identify the key?#

14) Know more about the composer#

15) Keep yourself accountable.#

16) Listen more, watch more#

17) Enjoy your practice time#

​We hope these piano practice tips for adults have helped you out!#

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