Our Yamaha PSR E263 Review: 7 Reasons It’s An Excellent Portable Keyboard To Learn Piano in 2020

The Yamaha PSR E263 Review At A Glance

Ease of Use

Very beginner friendly


Affordable at less than $150


Highly recommended!

We like:

●400 high-quality voices
●Nine-step lesson function
●Recording function
●The duo mode for converting one keyboard into two
●Compact design

We don't like:

●No power cord included with the pack

Summary of our Yamaha PSR E263 review: This portable keyboard is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate pianists. But its duo mode is the feature that turns this simple instrument into a powerful learning tool.

A Short Introduction

Yamaha is well-known for its quality of products and affordability. This company has been building high-class pianos and other musical instruments that are portable and durable. Yamaha is still the number one company in producing excellent and the most competent products, especially the Yamaha PSR-E263 Portable Keyboard.
The Yamaha PSR-E263 is one of the best keyboards for beginners and non-professionals. It has 400 instrument voices, 130 complimentary styles, and 112 songs. It also has an inbuilt lesson feature that allows novices to learn 100 preset songs. It is supported by the Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) The AUX Line Input converts the keyboard into a speaker system for your MP3 player. Now, you can play along, listen, make your own songs or learn preset ones, all at an affordable price.
The most distinguishing feature of the Yamaha PSR-E263 is the duo mode. This feature seamlessly converts a single keyboard into two, so that you get a huge variety of sounds for great music.

An Overview of Yamaha PSR-E263 Features

  • 61 keys to make playing and learning fun, while teaching correct techniques
    ●400 instrument voices, 130 auto accompaniment styles
    ●Full key size for unrestrictive playing
    ●32 note polyphony for more melodious music
    ●The duo mode for dividing the keyboard; similar to having two keyboards in one
    ●AUX input to connect your MP3 player in the key boy, so you can sing along or listen to songs
    ●Y.E.S. in-built nine-step lessons for making learning for beginners easy
    ●Compact and portable

Advantages of Yamaha PSR-E263

1) 61 full sized keys 

These keys give you the experience of playing a full-sized piano without overwhelming you, especially if you are a new user. This keyboard helps you master playing with ease before you graduate to a bigger keyboard or even a full-sized piano.

2) Duo mode

 This feature of the PSR series is one of the best and most unique features found on any keyboard of its class. At a touch of a button, your keyboard is divided into two parts, each having a middle C, to make learning easy and music more melodious. It is literally like having two keyboards on one. You can also opt to practice with a partner using this feature.

3) 400 Instrument Voices

 These voices enable you to feel as if you are Ina hall, listening to a real performance. Voices like choruses enhance your music making abilities.

4) 130 Accompaniment Styles and 112 Preset songs

 You can play like a professional using these accompaniment styles. There are styles like a live band or orchestra too. Now, learning music need not be a boring activity done alone! The song bank having 112 songs is for your entertainment. You can either choose to learn or listen, depending on your mood.

5) Nine-step lesson function 

This is a unique feature included in the Yamaha instruments. It simplified learning for newbies and you need not enroll in a class to learn music. Starting from simple hand playing to both hands playing simultaneously, these lessons are an awesome way to learn music at home for music enthusiasts.

6) Compact and Portable 

 Birthday at your friend's place? Sudden outdoor picnic? No worries. You can easily carry this highly portable keyboard with you anywhere. Plus, the Yamaha PSR-E263 runs on AA batteries too, so you need not worry about power outages or going to places where there will be no power, like campsites.

7) AUX input 

It has a port for AUX input that allows you to connect your MP3 player to it and listen to songs and sing along. It is a great accompaniment for family parties where you can play and sing along too.

Disadvantages of Yamaha PSR-E263

1) Non-weighted keys and non-touch sensitive keys

This is just a basic keyboard model so you cannot expect advanced features such as weighted keys, but its 61 keys have enough resistance and bounce back to mimic an advanced piano board. Additionally, it is not sensitive to touch, meaning there is no difference in sound whether you press on the keys lightly or heavily.

2) Loud accompaniment sounds

While some users wouldn't mind having loud accompaniment sounds, we know that others (maybe a majority) would view this a negative as it clouds the acoustic piano sounds. Sadly, it cannot be turned off.

3) No USB and MIDI ports on this keyboard

Unfortunately, you cannot connect your computer to this keyboard. Connectivity is a big bonus especially to the younger generation, what with all the computers and mobile gadgets available nowadays. If this feature is important to you, you are better off looking at other Yamaha offerings such as the EZ-220 or the YPT-240.

Should you buy the Yamaha PSR-E263?

If you are a new user wanting to learn music, but not willing to go forward without knowing your depth, the Yamaha PSR-E263 is an awesome investment for you. You don't need to burn a hole in your pocket, and you can learn music easily and progress on to bigger keyboards and pianos. Even non-music lovers are known to fall for it.

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