How to Choose the Right Free Piano Lessons?

Last updated: Jan 15, 2021

How to Choose the Right Free Piano Lessons?

Talent in music is the greatest gift one could ever have. Expertise in music gives one the ability to play different music equipment. Despite being talented, one may require training on how to handle different equipment. An example of music equipment you require to be trained on how to use is the piano. Great piano experts like Beethoven, Billy Joel, and Bach had to train and practice to maintain their ability. The first step in playing the piano is enrolling in professional piano lessons.

How to get free piano lessons?

The best way to get free piano lessons is by checking resources available online. Fully trained and professional piano experts who are passionate about playing the piano offer free online training to interested parties.

In addition to the online piano lessons, one can also make use of piano learning apps. An example of such a piano learning app is Musiah. This is the best application with a difference. Students are lucky as they can get a free piano lesson from their school's music teacher.

To learn how to play the piano fast, one should combine the information available online, with the music apps and where possible tips offered by a music teacher. The choice is yours to make.

Where to get free piano lessons?

1. Skype piano lessons

There are free piano lessons delivered online through Skype. These lessons are similar to traditional piano lessons where one had to travel to a piano studio. The only difference, in this case, is that you do not have to move around. The instructor offers you virtual lessons online. Sounds like a perfect option? Not quite because finding a free piano instructor through Skype is a daunting task.

2. Piano lesson tutorials

Video piano lessons have been termed as the best as they are free and easy to follow. Most of them are available on youtube or on specific piano lesson websites. This option is considered best for someone with a little background knowledge in playing piano and wants to perfects their skills. The only problem with piano video tutorials is that you can ask questions or offer suggestions. In case you are unable to grasp a particular concept, the only option available is repeating the video a couple of times.

3. Piano learning software

Piano students can opt to use learning software and applications. Various software and applications have been specifically designed to offer piano lessons. Most of this software have automated scoring assessment. The continuous assessment is meant to assess whether students understand the basic concepts offered in the notes. There are various applications available, and you need to do is find a suitable one.

One can either choose to enroll in free online piano lessons or look for a free online piano lesson. Whichever the choice, you make sure you look for someone competent.

Things one should consider before taking free piano lessons

1. Motivation to learning piano

You need to ask yourself what is driving you to learn how to play piano lessons. If carefully evaluate your reason you will find out you want to learn for the following reason;

• Playing the piano is your dream job

• To entertain yourself and family members

• Want to play a certain song.

Whichever the reason, make sure you look for a convenient training platform.

2. The type of music you are interested in

Different piano lessons specialize in different music genres, and you should take time to consider what you are interested in. Some of the common areas of specialization include Pop, Blues music, and Jazz. The choice depends on what you want you want to achieve.

3. The standard of training offered

Initially, many people take free piano lessons to learn the basics, but they eventually end up desiring to be professionals. Bear this in mind before choosing free piano lessons to avoid disappointment.

4. Presence of a tutor

Traditional piano lessons have been disregarded despite being the best lessons available. Although you can receive the same type of training through music software, nothing will equip you better, like personalized lessons from an expert. Playing the same music over and over again gets boring, but with a tutor, you get to handle different subjects and lines of music, equipping you with relevant skills. A standard tutor keeps you in check and helps avoid resistance.

5. How much time can you dedicate

You also need to look at how much time you can dedicate before choosing where to get free piano lessons.