Best Musical Instruments for Toddlers - [Updated in January 2021]

Last updated: Jan 15, 2021

It has been observed that learning to play a musical instrument at an early age makes kids smarter. So, it's obvious that every parent wants their
toddler to learn to play a musical instrument. If you're confused about which is the perfect musical instrument that a toddler can play with his or her small hands, this is the right place for you.

To save you the hassle, we have been crawling all over the internet to find the best musical instruments for toddlers that you can buy. So, we've made a list of some of the fun to play musical instruments that have been specially designed for a toddler. It's easy for a toddler to hold them in the hands and their colorful design is equally attractive to the toddlers. Let's go through the list of musical instruments that are best suited for a toddler.

1. Kids Violin

The Kid's violin is a mini violin for toddlers to learn to play the violin. It is designed to make it easy for toddlers to learn to play a few melodies on their own. Being an electronic one, it is capable of playing a few melodies. This mini violin comes with three different modes and makes it very easy to learn to play the violin as well as get to know about the basics. This instrument is good enough to make your toddlers fall in love with music.

2. Kids Accordion

Of course, it is not as featured and bulky as the real one but it contains all the features that are needed for a kid to learn to play the Accordion. It is composed of almost all of the parts present in the real one such as a buckle, an air valve, bass, etc., making it easy for a toddler to learn to play some simple tunes. However, it comes with all the instructions that are needed to learn a real Accordion which is a good thing to have.

3. Saxophone and Trumpet

These two wind instruments also come in the kid's mode and are often sold together. Although there is not a huge difference between the real ones and the ones available for kids in terms of function, the ones made for kids are coded with different colors. This makes it easier for kids to learn to play these wind instruments by taping their finger at the right places.

4. Drum kit

The drums designed for kids are quite fancy in appearance and the drumsticks are somewhat funnily designed as well. You can find different
variants of these kids styled drum sets on the internet and then choose the one that's perfect for your toddler. These allow your toddlers to either play by following the instructions or enjoy the free play sessions.

5. Kids Xylophone

These miniature xylophones are often equipped with a pair of small wooden mallets, and you'll also get a color-coded songbook with this xylophone. Thus, you will be able to teach the basics of playing the xylophone using a mini one. This book is very helpful in letting your toddlers learn to play the xylophone.

6. Kids Rock Guitar

In case you want your toddler to become a rock guitarist in the near future, this is the perfect choice for you. The kid's rock guitar is crafted
with LED bulbs and colorful plastic build making it a kid's first choice. You can let your toddler practice the music that's already fed to the guitar or go for freestyle.

7. Kids Tambourine

A tambourine for kids is handy to use and it is hit in many parts of the fingers. There are also small cymbals that are in the slots around the frame. it is mostly used amongst school children. The tambourine is also used in pop and rock music. Your toddler only needs to grab the tambourine and shake it around to get the music in his veins. Simple, easy to use and builds a musical sense for the toddler.

8. Kids Woodstock Zenergy Chime

This gentle chime has a beautiful tone. It's like hearing a sound from the ocean. A single movement on the chime creates a beautiful lasting sound. It is also used by meditators and healers, and it helps the user to have a relaxing mindset and calms down the young children. Let the child focus and listen to music.

9. Kids Keyboard

Young kids can develop an early musical sense at a young age of 3, as long as they know their A B Cs as well as their Do Re Mis. It can start really young and once they know how to read notes you can send them for piano classes as well as getting a real classical piano or an adult keyboard. Let them learn young and the skill will be with them forever

10. Rhythm Percussion

There are musical spoons as well as egg shakers in the set. All the shakers in the set have beads it that rattle with each shake according to the
child's favorite song! Kids learn real fast, and once they get the hang of it they can party with their own baby friends and grasp music real fast! They will have a sense of rhythm much later in life.

These are the best musical instruments out there that you can get for your toddler. Although there are many others such as the wood drum, harmonica, etc, the ones mentioned above being the primary musical instruments used all over the world were able to make it into our finely selected list of kid's special musical instruments. But it's totally based on your taste that whether you want your toddler to learn to play these musical instruments or something else.