valentines party

Written By Sanaya

Once there were three girls, the girls were best friends. The girls’ names were: sweetie, mona, and lucy. They got home before it was too dark to see. The next morning they went to school, they learnt so much, they got a special award for learning so hard. But once they got invited to a VALENTINE PARTY! They were so nervous because they NEVER been to one before! At the time they had arrived everything was super cool. It took long and the girls had super duper fun. The time the party finished the girls were happy because the party lasted for 9 HOURS! The girls had a sleepover at Lucy’s house, then Sweetie’s house, and then they got to mona’s home and watched a movie. But there was a noise they were scared scared scared. Lucy said what was that noise? Sweetie said idk (means i don’t know) and it was MONA’S MOM! Mona said mom we were watching a movie! And her mom said oh sorry Lucy, mona, and sweetie. Mona’s mom gave them lollipops. They got different flavors. Mona’s flavor was: bubble gum. Sweetie’s flavor was: blue raspberry. Lucy’s flavor was: lemon. They went home to sleep. Later at ten in the morning, sweetie invited Mona and Lucy for a playdate. Wait a minute who invited lucy and sweetie, mona to the valentine party? (back to the playdate part) Lucy was having fun with the playdate. They had lollipops, popsicles, and roasted marshmallows. At night they went camping with marshmallows and sticks you use for marshmallows then they went to sleep. THE END       

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