the island story

Writen By Sananya

Once there were two sisters. The sisters’ names were: Lucy and Lisa. Lisa and  Lucy had a sister and a brother. Once the sister and brother grew they finally named them. The brother’s name was: Oliver. The sister’s name was: Sweetie. Lucy and Lisa ate popcorn. They once boarded on a boat to an island. The island had a home and a shop. They lived on the island and went back to the real home. It was too late to go to the real home so they went back to the island but they could not see where the island was.

 But the good thing is that Oliver and Sweetie brought a flashlight. When Sweetie woke up she saw a lot of dangerous stuff. And the dangerous stuff was: wolves, viruses and EXPLOSIVES!  Sweetie warned Oliver, Lisa, and Lucy about the explosives, viruses, wolves. But guess what? It was not or viruses or explosives or wolves. It was their mom and dad pranking them because the kids always pranks mom and dad. Later mom and dad took them to the real home with the boat. They were older. Lucy is 20 years old. Lisa is 14 years old. Oliver and sweetie are 10 years old. Lisa told Lucy and Sweetie to go upstairs to the island home. Oliver and Lisa go upstairs in the real home. (they have three homes) and they’re parents go in the extra pair of the home upstairs but, it was all over the place and then everything was sucked up but guess what it was another prank from grandma! Lucy, Oliver, Sweetie, Lisa, tell grandma that we did not do anything that’s pranking! They even told mom and dad. Later they had cake and cookie, ice cream cake. Then they went to sleep, Lisa said to Lucy: psst! Lucy, come on let’s sneak for Nutella Lucy said: ugh, I’m too tired. Lisa said: oh fine I will go by myself! Lisa sneaked to have Nutella and came back fast. In the morning, for breakfast, they had cocoa puffs cereal. Lucy said: I am going to tell on you Lisa. Lisa said: tell on me for what? Lucy said: for sneaking for Nutella in the night. THE END!

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