Fun Story: Disco party

Written by Sanaya

This is the story of a disco party. There are two best friends Lisa and Leia. They do most of the fun activities together. They got bored with doing the same things again and again. But Lisa had a new activity – a DISCO PARTY! Leia is so excited she has never been to one before, she has everything ready for the party! Lipstick, and other makeup at the party, there are cupcakes and ice cream .

Lisa has such fun music is there, there are DISCO and TV, but she was the only one there with Lisa no one else was invited except popcorn and popsicle it was a private PARTY with only four people in it fun fun fun fun fun fun fun after they went to a restaurant called Chaloo, so they went there, and by the time they were there, it was night! They were really mad the shop was even closed. They went to bed to sleep.

The next morning they woke up, and they forgot about the disco party and when they got to the disco party place, It was RUINED! They were sad. After they got fish they had fish and peas on the side they thought about the disco party, it was two years and Christmas and guess what, for Christmas, they got disco sets! They were reminded that they can make a disco party! and they did this time they invited more people last time they invited only two.


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