Piano Brands

Last updated: Jan 15, 2021

The Big List Of Piano Brands Still On The Market Today

If you're shopping for a piano, you'll find the research to be cumbersome. To help you, here's an alphabetical list of all the piano brands available on the market today, complete with a short synopsis of each:

Piano Brands Available Today:

Shanghai Artmann Piano Co. Ltd [http://www.artmannpiano.com/index_en.aspx] :

A Chinese piano company that specializes in Germany inspired piano designs, including classical and European models.

Bechstein Pianos [/Bechstein%20Pianos] :

Bechstein specializes in grand pianos, upright pianos, and exclusive finishes. Known as one of the big four companies that manufacture pianos.

Belarus Pianos [http://www.belpiano.narod.ru/] (Warning, the website looks very old):

Founded in 1935, this Russian based company manufactures upright pianos.

Bluethner Pianos [https://www.bluethnerworld.com/en/] :

One of the leading piano manufacturers in Germany. Known as one of the big four piano makers. They sell a variety of upright and grand pianos.

Broadwood & Sons Ltd [http://www.broadwood.co.uk/] (Warning, website is old):

This company was created in England in 1718 and holds a royal warrant for maintaining and building pianos for Queen Elizabeth II. They make hand-built instruments to order and provide maintenance/restoration services.

Cavendish Pianos [http://www.cavendishpianos.com/] :

This private British company founded in 2012. They hand build their upright and grand pianos using personally selected materials.

Cunningham Piano Company [https://www.cunninghampiano.com/] :

The Cunningham Piano Company works with many other piano manufacturers, including Yamaha, and Estonia. They sell pianos of all types, including electric, classical, contemporary, classical, upright and grand. They also sell used pianos.

Fazioli [http://www.fazioli.com/] :

This Italian company founded in 1978. They specialize in six distinct types of grand pianos.

August Foerster [https://www.august-foerster.de/] :

August Foerster has been making upright and grand pianos for over 150 years. Based in Germany, this company makes their pianos in contemporary, classical, and concert styles.

Samick Musical Instruments Company [https://www.smcmusic.com/] :

One of the largest musical instrument companies on the market from South Korea. They sell acoustic and electric piano brands.

Grotrian-Steinweg [http://www.grotrian.de/] :

Another company based in Germany. It's also known as Brunswick. In the US, Grotrian-Steinweg company is known merely as Grotrian. They make luxury upright and grand pianos.

Kawai Musical Instruments Co. Ltd [https://www.kawai-global.com/] :

This Japanese manufacturer was one of the first companies to introduce pianos to Japan (1927). They make grand and upright pianos. They also make electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

Maene [/www.maene.be/] :

Maene makes pianos and harpsichords in Belgium and founded in 1938. They've helped develop new instruments like the Barenboim piano. They manufacture upright, grand, and electric pianos.

Mason & Hamlin [http://masonhamlin.com/] :

This American company founded in 1854. They specialize in several unique models of piano and tout their acoustic designs. Almost all of their instruments come equipped with a tension resonator.

Pearl River Piano Group [https://pearlriverusa.com/] :

Known as the largest piano manufacturer in China. Pearl River Piano produces more pianos than any other factory in the world, featuring piano types of a wide variety. Including upright, grand, and electrical. Their Hallet & Davis line is one of the oldest piano names still in production inside the US.

Petrof [https://www.petrof.com/] :

A Czech manufacturer founded in 1864. Petrof is known as the leading piano maker in Europe. It produces nearly 2,000 different grand pianos and 12,000 upright pianos. Petrof currently exports to more than 60 countries.

Schimmel: [http://www.schimmel-piano.de/]

A German manufacturer. They have produced some of the highest awarded pianos in the world and is a family-owned business. They design their specific brand of Schimmel pianos.

Steingraeber & Soehne [https://www.steingraeber.de/english/home_29.html] :

They make German upright and grand pianos. Steingraeber is a family-owned business with six generations leading it.

Steinway & Sons [https://www.steinway.com/] :

An American company founded in 1853 Manhatten. They also have factories in New York and Hamburg, Germany. Steinway is one of the big four piano manufacturers, with many piano types offered.

Stuart & Sons [https://www.stuartandsons.com/] :

From Australia, this manufacturer makes handcrafted grand pianos. Notably, Stuart & Sons are famous for creating a grand piano with 14 more keys than on standard versions. Another model made in 2018 featured 20 additional keys.

Yamaha Corporation [https://usa.yamaha.com/] :

This Japanese conglomerate has a wide variety of musical products it sells. Yamaha established itself as the number one manufacturer of pianos in the world. Notably, Yamaha acquired Bosendorfer (one of the big four piano companies) in 2007. They sell a wide variety of pianos on the market.