Hey there!

We are Tom and Angela (well, mostly it's me Angela working on the site, Tom is more of my back up and wind-beneath-my-wings partner) and I have been playing the piano and keyboard for more than a decade now.

I am a self-taught learner and my instrument of choice is a digital piano but I know this can get quite expensive so in order to make this site as newbie friendly as possible, we have reviewed a lot of keyboards that are best for beginners and intermediate learners. 

So, who is this website for?

1. Beginners (both kids and adults)

For absolute beginners, learning how to play a keyboard piano can be daunting and can seem very insurmountable.

I know.

Because I have been there and have been in the exact same position more than 10 years ago.

But time flies.

And while I can still remember the butterflies in my stomach whenever anybody listened to me play, time and experience have taught me that knowledge and constant practice make an aspiring musician life’s easier and I hope my website will help you do that!

2. Intermediate Learners

If you have some background in music and playing a musical instrument, then hooray!

At least it won’t be so hard since you’re nearly there.

If you are looking for a keyboard piano which can help you succeed in your musical endeavours, then look no further than my top recommendations!

There are far too many keyboard piano options available nowadays.

You can read through all the reviews online for many different portable piano keyboards and such, or you can benefit from the hours of research I have put into creating content for this website.

You should start here:

The top 10 beginner keyboards you should be looking at right now.

The top 5 76-key beginner friendly keyboards under $300.

The top 5 music keyboards (all under $100) perfect for young children.

If you want to use a more advanced digital piano to practice on, you should check out this thorough buying guide for digital pianos.

​I've also written detailed reviews on several Yamaha and Casio keyboards.

If you want to check them out, here are some quick links for you to visit:

We have also reviewed a few piano learning programs such as: Piano For All, Piano Play It and Learn Piano in 30 Days. If you would like to check which one is the best piano program, you should read our comparative review here: 

Unbiased Review of 3 Piano Lessons for Adults and Beginners

We will be adding a lot of reviews and helpful resources regularly so we hope you continue coming back to the site.

If you need further guidance, or have any questions about our reviews, feel free to use the contact form. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading.

Tom and Angela​

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